by Renee Haxby


Because I've gone through it,
I'll help YOU get through it!



It's time to make the decision to:

  • Sober Up
  • Improve Your Diet
  • Condition Your Body
  • Put Your Best Face Forward
  • Get Rid of Clutter
  • Learn to Relax
  • Attitude for Success!
  • Go After What You Want!

When I made the decision to transform my life, I understood it required willingness and a desire to change everything. The very first thing I had to change about myself was to stop abusing alcohol and other drugs. For too long, I had dealt with my circumstances, numbed my pain, and avoided my feelings by self-medicating with different drugs. Once I changed this fundamental aspect of my behavior, I was able to take the next step forward!

There are different reasons that we make a decision to change. For me, the choice to change came with the experience of a crisis that finally came to climax after several years of abuse and neglect. For you, it could be more subtle and gradual. You may even be the one who had a vision you’ve wanted to implement and now is the right time. This is where I come in. I’m here to be an example of what can happen when you make the choice to change. If I can do it, so can you!

Every individual has a story to tell and our story is unique to each of us. But, for now it would be beneficial if we look for the similarities we share in each other, rather than the differences. By doing this, we can build a friendship upon acceptance and trust.

Sober up!

For several years, I let myself go. I was just too busy and distracted caring for other people to make the necessary effort I needed to for myself. I began depending upon alcohol to numb my senses, and when the alcohol lost its effect, I combined other dangerous prescription medications, too. Over the course of about six years I gained 100 pounds. Eventually, Renee began to disappear and everything I was, and had been, did too.

Once I quit drinking and using drugs, I was able to make the next step towards Lifestyle Reinvention.

Improve your diet

The next step for me was to begin following a well-balanced nutritional plan, along with a vigorous walking program performed three times per day, after each meal. As my health improved and my weight began to drop, I was able to participate in activities I had once enjoyed in the past.

Condition Your Body

Walking became Jowancing, and later transformed into running! Yoga helped to ease my joint pain, increased my upper body strength, and gave me back my flexibility and focus. I began to feel more alive and in touch with my former self. I could move again! I could do all the simple activities that had once seemed so difficult to perform with all that extra weight I was carrying around (I use the example of carrying around two 50 pound bags of dog food with me everywhere I went).

One of the cool things about weight loss is that it gives you the confidence you need to make other changes in your life that you’ve been thinking about making. Weight loss can be the encouragement you need to confront other challenges in your life, too.

Put Your Best Face Forward

I had always thought about changing my hair color. I’d been popular as a blond for most of my life, but I’d always wondered what my natural hair color would look like on me. One day I went to see a hair colorist and told her to match my hair color to my roots. Wow! I’m so glad I finally took the chance and did it. I love my new and improved light brown hair. And I appreciate the fact that I no longer have to dye my dark roots blond.

I’m not sure why I never had the courage to do it before, and I can understand why so many women get stuck in hair styles or hold onto colors that don’t flatter them. With every change I made, my self-esteem grew. So will yours!

One of the strangest things began to occur shortly after I had lost 100 pounds and changed my hair color, too. People didn’t recognize me (without my two 50 lb. bags of dog food)! You can imagine how great I felt when people told me, "Renee, you look awesome." That can be you too!

Begin to put forth the effort to care for yourself in ways which make you feel special. I pay close attention to my skin care regimen. I’ve been diagnosed with a condition called Tuberous Sclerosis, which affects the texture of my skin, causing bumps to develop on its surface. I use “Skin Biology” products on my face because they work by re-modeling the skin layers. They also have added health benefits because of the ingredients GHK and copper peptides. The products do wonders for my skin, leaving it smooth and even-toned.


Get Rid of Clutter

I’ve also experienced the liberation of ridding my home of clutter. Clutter can take on many forms. The clutter I’m referring to, though, fills up your closets, your office, and your kitchen. I’ve felt the emotional benefit of letting go of the old, so I can welcome the new! Many people hold onto things they no longer have use for, thinking that they may need it again someday. Your clutter could be old clothes, shoes, and food. Maybe you keep your old make-up and other products? Not good. Let it go and unload!

If it’s been years since you’ve purchased clothes in a regular size store, now is the time. One of the boosts to my self-esteem was being able to buy a pair of cool fitting jeans at Nordstrom that looked great on me.

Learn to Relax

I had to relearn how to relax and focus on now. De-stressing is imperative to good health. Find activities that will encourage you to become peaceful and practice them on a regular basis. Take the time to count your blessings, no matter how small they may seem. Thank God.

One of reasons I love to ride my horse is because I feel a sense of connectedness to a powerful, spirited creature. I appreciate the animal for allowing me to ride upon her back, balanced, and at one with each other. For me, galloping upon my horse, down a long and perfect path, is similar to flying! It’s the one time that I feel perfectly blessed and rich beyond words.

Get your sleep. Sleep is the one time that our bodies recover. Important biochemical reactions are occurring during the REM cycle. Sleep is probably the most important aspect of my health care plan!

Attitude for Success!

Some say that Attitude is 98% of the success formula. Others say it’s 100%. Either answer is fine because as far as I’m concerned they’re both correct. Your attitude is everything. Attitude determines your perspective on life and everything in it. Attitude will define your disposition. With the right attitude, you will be able to cope with life’s many demands and the conditions with which you will be challenged. Optimism will give you hope, patience, and the endurance you may need to move forward in your journey. A positive attitude will bring constructive changes to your life.

Affirmations are Words of Power. Find realistic affirmations that fit your character and repeat them to yourself on a consistent basis. Positive self-talk is imperative for you to reprogram your mind.

Hippocrates said that, “Walking is Man’s Best Medicine!” So, get off the couch and take a walk. It will do wonders for your attitude, will help you become energized, and get your circulation flowing.

Remember that this plan is a process that took me about one year to complete. You shouldn’t expect too much, too soon. I succeeded by taking it step by step and moving to the next step when I was ready. When I achieved my weight loss goal, additional benefits naturally followed.

At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how my story is going to end." ~ Anonymous

Go After What You Want!

How quickly you move through the steps will depend on you. You need to figure out what moves you. What gets you excited? Your momentum will be determined by understanding what you want to change and what you’re willing to do to get there.

Lifestyle Reinvention can be a renovation of your former self. Or, you can choose to completely redesign who you want to be. It’s up to you. Together we will clarify your vision and decide what direction you need to go. I will be your guide, your cheerleader, and your coach. I will encourage you to find your courage to become the best version of you imaginable!

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