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GHK-Cu and Copper Peptide Skin Regeneration Products by Skin Biology and Dr. Loren Pickart.

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Skin Biology - Since I was young I’ve followed skin care regimens. I’ve used many products sold in department stores and through the internet, but as I aged I noticed they did little to repair and rejuvenate my skin tone. As you know, many products do not perform as they claim they do. As I began to age, I searched for a skin care line that was true to its word and performed like it said it would.

My only concern was not my complexion. I suffered from clusters of skin tags on my neck and shoulders and I was also diagnosed with a condition called Tuberous Sclerosis which caused multiple bumps to form on my face. It was about that time that I was referred to Dr. Loren Pickart’s skin care line and his company Skin Biology.

Dr. Pickart has formulated skin care products using GHK-Cu and copper peptides that actually help to remodel the skin. The process is referred to as re-epithelialization. GHK-Cu and copper peptides have many health benefits other than skin regeneration. I have seen noticeable results in a very short time, as skin tags have completely disappeared, TS bumps have softened and been exfoliated away over time. I believe in Skin Biology products because I’ve seen the results for myself. Now, I want to share SB with you. Visit their web-site and see for yourself the variety of products they have available which offer GHK and copper peptide ingredients.
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AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering more than 70 exclusive nutritional and skincare products and a business opportunity that empowers individuals to explore their ultimate potential.

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Advocare - I chose to become a distributor of Advocare because I believe they are optimal products. As a distributor, I’m fortunate to receive a 20% discount on my own supplements and also share the savings with my clients. Advocare is an internationally respected company that is guided by a prestigious Scientific & Medical Board. Advocare products provide balanced nutritional solutions for all types of bodies. The products are created with high-quality ingredients and nutrients that are easy to absorb. Advocare products have been designed with extensive research. Ask me about taking the 24 Day Challenge to jump start a new and improved healthier lifestyle.
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Bios Life Slim© contains natural, proprietary ingredients, helping your body naturally regulate the amount of fat stored.

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Bios Life Slim© - Bios Life Slim© is a revolutionary fat burning product Providing the first scientific breakthrough in fat-loss in over 30 years.

Live Superfoods
Live Superfoods is a purveyor of raw, organic, vegan foods.

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Live Superfoods is an organic packaging facility in Bend, Oregan that uses no flesh or fats in the production of their products. All their products are gluten-free and they offer Eco-Friendly packaging material as well. In addition to their own Live Superfoods brand, they also offer complementary foods, whole food supplements and personal care products from their industry’s finest suppliers.

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