by Renee Haxby


Because I've gone through it,
I'll help YOU get through it!

Wellness is Body, Mind and Spirit

I spent many years of my life in pursuit of happiness through the accumulation of possessions, accomplishments, relationships, and addictions. I sought acceptance from others by receiving adulation because of my appearance, intelligence, and personality. I found out that none of it really satisfied me and I was left disconnected and alone. It wasn’t until after life became as difficult and challenging as I thought possible, was I willing to begin my search elsewhere.

Wellness coaching is more inclusive than the separate fields of fitness training and nutritional counseling. Wellness coaching tends to accentuate the importance of incorporating several components which generate physical and emotional health. Those components are: physical health and fitness, diet and nutrition, emotional health and stress reduction, and healing of the Spirit.

The balancing act

As your coach, I’ll implement all of the components necessary for you to achieve a healthy balance in your life. I’ll teach you how to “eat to live, not live to eat.” Together, we will create a simple work out plan you’ll enjoy following. We will find healthier alternatives for you that will teach you how to handle everyday stressors in your life by first experimenting with techniques to induce relaxation. As we age, getting enough sleep or a lack thereof, can have a profound effect on our overall health and well-being. It’s also been my experience that people need to nourish the spiritual part of their lives. If you attend to all four of these components, it’s a good chance that you’ll become a healthier and happier person.

I once worked out at a health club in the Pioneer Square district of downtown Seattle. There was a sign on the wall that said, “Body, Mind and Spirit.” Back then, it was simple for me to make sense of the body and mind components of the sign, but I didn’t understand the most important aspect and that was the Spirit.

For many years after, I continued to work out and condition my body. I attended school and my job to exercise my mind, but I neglected to pay attention to the part of me that makes up so much of who I am today. I was living the good life, so to speak and didn’t know what I was missing. When I look back at myself and how I was then, I see a person who was superficial.

I enthusiastically made extravagant purchases and spent a lot of money. I ate out regularly at the finest restaurants because I was easily bored with myself and others. I became a horse breeder and consumed myself with bloodlines and horse shows. And, I decorated my home with expensive art. It wasn’t until I lost it all that I was finally forced to face the consequences. It was sometime thereafter, that I came to understand that all I had sought to own and empower was not as important as I once thought it was.

I often wondered why I was so restless and unsatisfied. What was it I was lacking in my life that I needed?

Becoming whole again!

You’ll notice that some wellness coaches refer to themselves as “wholistic” wellness coaches, while others refer to their practice as “holistic” wellness coaching. However you prefer to look at it, what they’re generally trying to convey to you is that it’s important to understand that wellness has many parts. I think their meanings have been misconstrued somewhat because wholistic tends to be associated with whole in parts, while holistic is not referred to as holy. While it is possible to achieve physical health by only conditioning your body and eating a proper diet, it is not possible to neglect your spiritual essence and become whole.

It’s been many years since I began searching for the truth of why I am who I am, and I’ve made many mistakes along the way. But, I know now that what drives me forward and has saved me from myself is a power greater than man and whom I call God. I believe that we were created to worship. And until we understand this important component to life we may never be happy and whole. No matter how hard we try we won’t find lasting happiness in other people, places, or things. It just isn’t possible to fill the space inside the “The God-shaped box”, with anything but Him.

I hope that you have something you believe in that’s greater than man. Many people feel alone simply because they’ve nothing concrete to believe in, nor draw strength and peace from. I’m not concerned with which direction you lean in your faith, only that you have faith.

"Because I’ve gone through it, I’ll help you get through it." ~ R. Haxby

I've been there

My life changed in so many wonderful ways when my eyes were opened. I still remember the day my blinders were removed and I felt new. In the process I became a better person than the one I used to be. I’m now grateful and I see my blessings before me like I never did before.

After the trials and escalating challenges of my life came to rest, I began to finally realize what’s really important in this life of mine. From there, I’ve been able to grow into the person that I believe can offer you a hand. We can both walk down this path of life, stronger and more courageous, better prepared for your challenges ahead.

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