by Renee Haxby


Because I've gone through it,
I'll help YOU get through it!

About Me

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I was born into a family of natural performers, so it was no surprise to my parents when I became a female bodybuilder. Even as a seventeen year old teenager, I made an impact on the general public. By the time I was eighteen, I’d been featured in several magazines and newspaper articles, various television commercials, and I’d competed in female bodybuilding competitions alongside mature competitors.

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My Background

  • 1979

    • Placed 3rd. in the first “Ms. Pacific Northwest” Women’s Bodybuilding Competition held at The Seattle Opera House.[read article]
    • Placed 3rd. in the first “Ms. Washington” Bodybuilding Competition.
    • I’m featured in The Seattle Times [read article] and The Seattle Post Intelligencer and other less popular newspaper distributions. [read High School article]
    • Before the end of my senior year I packed a small bag and with my bicycle in hand, took a one way ride on the Amtrak train to Los Angeles, CA. and Gold’s Gym.
  • 1980

    • I got my first job at Hollywood Health Spa in East L.A.
    • I’m featured on the cover of London Telegraph Magazine.
    • I’m featured in a new book on weight training called, “Arnold’s Bodybuilding for Women.” [read fan letter]
    • I’m featured in the Spokane Daily Chronicle [read article].
  • 1981

    • I’m featured in Saga Magazine [read article] and People Magazine.
    • I returned home to Washington State and enrolled at Highline Community College, where I earned my GED and begin work on a degree in Administration of Justice and Law Enforcement.
  • 1983

    • I passed both my written and physical exams for The Seattle Police Department.
  • 1984

    • I performed on stage at The Paramount Theatre.
    • I began modeling and performing with a dance ensemble throughout Seattle.
    • I’m featured in local television commercials for Fred Meyer Music Market, Round-Up Records, Pay and Pak, Pepsi Cola, and M-TV.
  • 1985

    • I’m employed by Northwest Women’s Health Club.
    • I'm featured in Hot VW ad [view ad]
  • 1986

    • I became a Personal Trainer to wealthy Seattle locals at The Seattle Athletic Club.
  • 1987

    • I enrolled at Seattle Central Community College and earned my A.A. degree.
  • 1988

    • Placed 3rd. in the Ms. Pacific Northwest Bodybuilding Competition.
  • 1989

    • I’m employed at Downtown Seattle Women’s Health Club.
  • 1990

    • I’m employed by The Pioneer Square Star as Director of Advertising and Distribution. [view publication]
    • I formed Haxby, Harley and Yalo. Agent and Liaison to local artists and vendors.
  • 1991

    • I’m featured once again in The Seattle Times, as Emmett Watson writes a controversial story about me. [read article]
  • 1992

    • I’m featured in another news story in The Seattle Times.
    • I’m married for the first time and moved to Port Ludlow raise horses.
  • 1994

    • I delivered my only child, Rigel, into the world. Thank you Lord.
  • 1995

    • I formed MoonShadow Farm and became a breeder of fine Morab Horses.
  • 1998

    • My Morgan Stallion, Whippletree Danbury Ethan wins “AHSA Region Horse of the Year, and Pacific Northwest Champion Morgan Stallion”. He’s then nominated as “Reserve National Horse of the Year”! [read 1999 article]
  • 2001

    • I enrolled in Washington State University’s on-line distance education program.
  • 2002

    • I survived a nasty divorce.
    • I lost my farm to foreclosure and my car was repossessed!
    • I’m awarded a scholarship from The Sunshine Lady Foundation.
    • I represented WSU and gave my first public speech to raise money for distance education programs in Washington State.
    • I became a certified Fitness Trainer with I.S.S.A.
    • I formed and received my business license. [view flyer]
  • 2003

    • I gave my second public speech to help raise funding for distance education.
    • I’m awarded a scholarship from The PEO Sisterhood Foundation.
    • I earned my B.A. degree in Social Sciences and Minored in Business Administration.
    • I’m accepted into Penn State University’s World Campus Master’s in Adult Education program.
  • 2004

    • Very bad day. Court awards custody to ex-husband.
    • I worked as an Estimator for Quality Heating and Air Conditioning.
    • I’m featured in a commercial for Quality Heating and Air Conditioning.
  • 2005

    • With one semester to go before graduation in the Penn State Univ. Master’s Degree program, I drop out of college, give up my life, and move out of my apartment.
    • I live my life like a gypsy.
    • I’m employed with The Bremerton School District as a Para Educator in the Transportation Department.
  • 2006

    • I take on a second job working as a Technology Representative for Marketsource.
    • My father suddenly dies of a massive heart attack.
    • I’m arrested on DUI charges and spend 72 hours in jail.
    • Six months later my prayers are finally answered when Rigel is placed back in my custody by the police. We get a small place of our own and settle down.
    • I spend the next seven months on house arrest and avoid jail.
  • 2008

    • Rigel is diagnosed with bone cancer and he undergoes traumatic surgery. His recovery from Osteosarcoma of the left femur and knee became my #1 priority.
    • I began to cope with stress by abusing alcohol and prescription drugs.
  • 2009

    • My closest friend is murdered in a mysterious shooting.
    • Rigel endures additional traumatic surgeries.
    • I met and married my former high school sweetheart! He shares the load with me.
    • We all moved to the country, outside of Gig Harbor on the KP.
  • 2010

    • More surgeries for Rigel.
    • Awesome day! After three long years of persevering, I represented myself and Rigel in a court of law and won back legal custody of him.
    • My beloved grandmother dies at 95.
    • I’m arrested on DUI charges, again.
    • I’m released from jail and accept six months of house arrest.
    • I’m admitted into The Olalla Guest Lodge where I spend 21 days intense recovery.
    • While still at Olalla Guest Lodge, I learned that my 51yr. old girlfriend has died from a massive heart attack walking her dog (This is a huge wake up call for me)!
  • 2011

    • I’m awarded a scholarship from The Bennett/Stellar Institute.
    • I’m awarded a scholarship from The BPEA.
    • I begin my certification programs with The Spencer Institute.
    • I become a Certified Food Psychology Coach.
  • 2012

    • I become a Certified Wellness Coach.
    • I become a Certified Life Strategies Coach.
    • I revamp and form my Lifestyle Reinvention and Wellness Coaching business.
    • I trademark Separation Preparation as my unique formula for success!
    • At this time, I’m working towards my certification in Hypnotherapy.

As I’ve grown through the years, I’ve come to understand that life can be and often is, full of challenges. But, those challenges mold us and shape us into who we become. Upon reflection, my life hasn’t been easy but it has been interesting and it’s made me the person I am. I’ve experienced good and bad times. Looking back, it was the bad times that forced me to face certain aspects of my life that needed to be corrected.

I used to believe the little voice in my head who told me I was a quitter.

Today, I understand that I’m not! I’m a person who has lived several different lives in one lifetime. Just completing this background of education and meaningful moments proves to me that I am a survivor and that’s something to be proud of. My direction has taken many detours before I came to settle upon where I’m at today. Sometimes, all we need is for someone to come along side and point us in the right direction. That is what I am offering you, along with enough encouragement and motivation to ensure you succeed!

I now live a simple, uncomplicated life with my husband and son on a small farm on the Key Peninsula. We share our home with three horses, three dogs, four canaries, and a lot of chickens.

I enjoy spending my free time riding my horse, hiking in the forest, practicing yoga, reading, and sharing my wisdom with others.

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